About Us

Newspapers in India are like a commodity. Even in this digital era,650 Million People read it every morning along with their cup of tea. But to avail or start them off requires knocking your neighbours door or wake up in Ungodly hours to communicate to your hawker! The system should be as smooth as you can now order your shoes, groceries or even plumber nowadays! And yes we know how messy your place gets when the papers you read stockpile. And then you need to synchronize your routine with the raddiwala's scream outside. 

So that you stay lazy forever, we have started PaperCarts. We provide consumers with the best deals and low prices on newspaper delivery from a wide variety of titles. Founded in June 2020, PaperCarts is the leading subscription service for local and national newspapers.

We have a direct relationship with every Newspaper Company ensuring prompt and reliable service with many benefits.

You will be receiving your newspaper at the same time. Just this time you will be able gain benefits worth up to 70% of your paper price. We at PaperCarts help you in Converting your monthly scrap from a liability to an asset! We provide monthly scrap-picking services and in return give hard cash and exciting coupons for food, Movies, Clothing, magazines, etc. on every pick-up.

Our Vision is to streamline the Newspaper Circulation in India by using a revolutionising the print & recycling industry, hence providing a One Stop Solution for Customers, Newspaper Companies and Recycling. And so comes the cliche : Sit back , relax and enjoy reading, Start Earning, Subscribe Now!